What Do I Do If my Payment Fails?

Omise, a Thailand-based PCI compliment payment gateway, processes all of our credit card payments.  Omise routes payments through a Thailand bank for processing.  All our payments require 3D Secure, so you may need to enroll. As card processing is handled by a 3rd party, we have no control over card acceptance.

Known Problems with Credit and Debit Card processing

If your payment has failed, check the following:

  • Processor may accept a card payment after the 4th or 5th try.
  • 3DS is set to “fail” by the cards’ issuing bank.  This means the bank has chosen not to support 3D Secure for your card.
  • The owner’s card is not set up for online usage. You may have to manually enable this feature. Can you use your Thai bank card?
  • The card is required to use 3DS, but not yet enrolled.
  • Your card is failing the merchant bank’s fraud check due to location, IP, or other factors.

My Card Worked on Previous Topups but Isn’t Working Anymore

If you have a card that has worked in the past but is not being accepted now, it is likely the acquiring bank is using some kind of fraud technique to block the payment based on a risk score.

Here are some things to try:

  • Try another card
  • Use the payment link, to open a separate page directly with Omise and try with their form
  • Send the payment link to a friend and ask them to try
  • Change your browser, ISP, device, and or location
  • Do not remove the card, as adding the card


Payment Link

omise payment linkpayment linkIn some cases of payment failure, you will be shown a payment link option.  The link gives you the ability to open a new page directly on the credit card processor site.  The link makes use of their form and their acceptance procedure.

As this link contains your order info, you can try the link in different locations, on different devices, or using different ISPs.

You can also copy this link and send it to another person to try with their card details and then pay them back.

After payment success, we can then mark your order as paid and fulfill it.


Error Type: failed fraud check

Omise uses advanced fraud detection systems to determine if payments are legitimate or not.  If you receive this “failed_fraud_check” error Omise has flagged your order as risky, and will not process it.   These factors could include known fraud on your network or IP range or being in a high risk location.

If you are a legitimate user facing this error message, you may want to try a new computer, network, Credit or Debit card.

If you’ve been charged but the top up has failed.

Help! None of My Cards are Working

Congratulations!  You have now discovered why there are so many new fin-tech companies working on solutions to replace Credit Card payments.   Credit card payments have huge problems when it comes to acceptance, fees and fraud.   The reason your card is not working is directly or indirectly related to fraud and the systems put in place to help card issuers protect themselves.

Time for something new

We support alternate payment methods, for their lower cost, reliability and safety.  If your card is not working we strongly recommend you improve your financial resources by starting with cryptocurrency.



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