What are some free keypress codes for DTAC, 1-2 Call and True Move?

Here are a collection of Thai USSD or keypress codes and IVR phone numbers for your AIS 1-2-Call, True Move or DTAC Happy phone. Keypress codes are entered into the phone and are free, while IVR (Interactive Voice Response) numbers require you to make a call and listen to options, which is usually not available overseas.

DTAC Happy USSD Codes

Adding *9 returns English language.  So *101# would give a Thai message. *101*9# would be in English.

Check your remaining balance Press: *101*9# or *101
Check your add on credit Press:*101*1*9#
Check your Internet credit Press:*101*4*9#
Check your SMS credit Press: *101*2*9#
Check your Happy for free credit Press:*101*5*9#
Find out your phone number Press:*102*9#
Check your Promotion Press:*103*8*9#
Switch plans IVR Press:*1003 press 9
Current and last month’s usage Press:*108*9#
Emergency refill service Press:*110*9#
Wrong number Refund service Press:*111*9#
Emergency Call Me Back service Press: *114*number_you_want_to_contact*9# IVR:*1490
Turn on IR (International Roaming) Press:*118*9#
Turn off IR Press: *118*2*9#
Check IR roaming status Press:*118*3*9#
Check the price of a call to any country Press:004 international_number_to_call
Credit Transfer Service Press:*112*10 digits Happy Number*amount*9# or IVR: *1411
Live Thai to English translation service Press:IVR: *1021 press 9
Check remaining balance of your internet package Press:*101*4*9#
Check if the number is in DTAC network Press:*102*1*08XXXXXXXX*9#
Activate/Deactivate Happy internet Press:*104*71*9# or (Activate) *104*72*9# 
Use credit topup code Press:*100*card number,refill code*9#

AIS 12Call USSD Codes

Check your Usage and Balance service Press: *121# or dial *121
Checking Bonus Minutes and Mao Mao Usage Press: * 121#
Fee call Bonus Checking Press: *121*2#
Remain Package Checking Press: *121*3#
The total remaining usage quota of your Internet/ SMS/ iSMS/MMS/ WiFi package(s) will be sent to you via SMS
Internet Balance Checking Press :*121 Press ’4’ to check Internet balance
Check/Change /Subscribe packages Press:*777
Balance Transfer Service Press:*140*1* Destination AIS One-2-Call! Number in 10-digit*Transfer Amount#
Balance Transfer Request Service “New” Press:*140*12* Destination AIS One-2-Call!/Postpaid Number in 10-digit*Request Amount#
Validity Transfer Service Press: *140*2*Destination AIS One-2-Call! Number in 10-digit *Days of Validity to transfer#
Call Me Back Service Press: *222*Destination Number in 10-digit#
Change preferred language service Press: *118*2#call (“ENGLISH”)
On-top Internet Packages Press:*501#
Main Menu will be displayed on screen. Press ‘Reply’* and type desired menu number you wish to subscribe to
Get your own phone number Press:*545#
Get WiFi Username and password Press: *388#
Turn on International Roaming Press:*125 or*125*1#
Check number register Press: *161#
Use a Voucher PIN Scratch Card Code
  1. Press: *121# – Check balance
  2. Press: *120*<voucher_code>#
  3. Press *121# – Check balance

AIS 1-2-Call International Calling with 005 and 00500 (cheaper)
Dial 005 or 00500 before the number to use these calling rates from AIN Globelines service.  Example: AUSTRALIA Dial 00500 > 61 14 XXXXXXX = 7 Baht / Min.  All keypress codes free.

      • Check “00500” call rate to another country – Press *005*0*country code#
      • Check “500” call rate to another country – Press: *500*1*country code#
      • Return address and phone number of the countries embassy – Press: *500*2*country code#
      • Check the cost of your most recent 005 international call – Press: *500*3#
      • Check current time in countries time zone – Press: *500*3*country code#

True Move USSD Codes

Check your mobile number Press: *833# (for English message)
Check your current package Press: 9305
Extend Validity 30 days Press: *934# or Call: *9344 (3.21 baht per call)
Check balance and detail usage Press: #123#
Check internet and WIFI balance Press :*900#
Apply to internet service Press:*902*01#
Cancel internet service Press:*902*02#
Apply for internet service while being aboard Press:*113*1#
Cancel internet while aboard Press:*113*2#
Request WIFI password Press: *871*4# free (WiFi tariff depend on your package)
Apply for SMS internet service alert Press: *902*03#
Cancel SMS internet service alert Press:*902*04#
For “Call Me Please” (Notify destination number call back) Press:*922*1*destination number# (for English message)
To check your mobile number under TrueMove or TrueMove H Press: *833*mobile number 10 digit# (for English message)
To change language in IVR Press: 9304

How to use a USSD code with your phone

Enter the USSD code into your dial menu, like you would dial a phone number.  Then click the green call button.


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