I was Charged for a Purchase but the Credit Failed to Send

My balance as been deducted, but I have not gotten my credit

Sometimes it looks like you were charged, but you have not been.

There are 2 events on each charge an authorization event and then the actual charge event.  There are several cases where an authorization is completed but the actual charge fails.

Some services will lock the funds and issue you a charge notice upon the authorization event, and so it appears funds have been deducted from your account, even though the actual charge of the card fails.

This charge will be removed after sometime.  Additionally we cannot request a refund as we show a failed payment with nothing to refund.

We are aware of a few services that report show you have been charged when you have not been:

  • GCash PH


International orders are manually reviewed

To reduce fraud and limit abuse, we first take payment and then manually review the order.   If your order is delayed, it is under review, and will be sent as soon as it is manually reviewed.   If you pay via Cryptocurrency, your order will not be delayed.

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