How do I request a refund for a failed top up?

Update: Refunds from, THB Bank transfers, and Crypto payments will now be refunded as a credit in the Android App

account balance
Account balance in THB

As Coins, Bank Transfers and Crypto payments do not provide automated refund solutions, we will now issue any refunds due to a failed top-up directly inside our MobileTopup Android App.    Simply go into your Pending orders inside the app, and click on Options -> Request Refund.  Refunds are approved manually during working hours.

Refunds will be returned to you as a THB balance, which you can then use for future reload purchases.

In the case of no App access

In rare special cases we would help with a credit refund if the App is not accessible to you.  For Crypto, PromptPay and THB Bank transfers, please contact us via chat. Refund

To request a refund from a transaction please contact us with this form and include:

  1. your account email or phone number  
  2. the phone number of the failed credit recharge request
  3. the PHP (Peso) amount of the order

Refunds would be processed manually during business hours.  The 2% fee charged by will not be refunded.

Additionally, you can provide this information in our Facebook help chat.

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