Do you support Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Crypto Currency?

Bitcoin paymentsWe support several major cryptocurrencies including:

Orders are currently processed with our payment partner

When sending crypto coin payments, you can use any wallet.  There will always be a mining network fee, and we add a 2% fee to cover the costs of exchange and withdrawal to a fiat currency.

Mobile Crypto Wallet

QR for crypto wallet

If using a mobile wallet like Bread,, or imToken you can use your phone’s camera to scan the payment screen QR code and auto-populate the payment address.  Then enter the exact payment amount.  After sending, it will take some time for the network to process the order.


Desktop Crypto Wallet

If using a desktop wallet like, Exodus, or Atomic, copy and paste the payment address and exact amount. There are copy buttons next to each.

Crypto wallet address paste


Order confirmation

Once you have confirmed a payment from your crypto wallet, your transaction request is broadcast to the network.  In the background nodes and miners are working to write your transaction to the permanent record of the blockchain.  Once this is written in a block at least once, this is considered 1 confirmation.  Bitcoin requires 3 confirmations for the payment to be received by the processor, and on average this takes 30 minutes.  Faster networks like Ethereum and Dash require more confirmations, but take much less time to confirm.



Failed Order Refunds

Coinpayments does not have a built-in refund system, meaning all payments are final.  Please double-check your number is correct, active, and working before sending a crypto payment.



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