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With the MobileTopup Mobile App, you can:

  • Save popular numbers
  • Pay with Credit, Debit,, Crypto, PromptPay and in-app credit
  • Reload SIM2Fly, Vivio, AIS and 125 more carriers
  • Pay with credit balance

Using your credit balance

Once you have a credit balance you can use it to make a purchase, with no service charge.

Any credit balance will show in the top right of the app main page.   To use the credit make a normal recharge request and then on the payment page, choose My Balance as the payment method.

pay with in app balance


There is no processing fee when paying from your balance. After you pay, your in-app balance will be deducted and you will see your order as normal in history.   In case of a failed recharge, your app balance will be refunded.


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