How do I know if the credit has been sent?

Confirming the credit you paid for was sent to the number requested can be done in a few ways.  First check that our order shows a SUCCESS status.  If it does, here are the ways you can check that credit was received

Check the SMS

In most cases, the receiving number will get an SMS notification that will say something like:

You have topped up 50.00 Baht and your new balance is 50.32 Baht valid until 15/04/2020.”

Check the balance of the SIM

Use a USSD Code to check the balance.  Best way is to check the balance before and after the credit send to see if the SIM’s Baht balance has changed.

Check with the call center

The call center has a record of each credit send transaction and you can confirm with them if credit has been received on your number.  Tell them the time of day and number sent to, and they can tell you the amount.

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