How do I extend the expiry date validity of my SIM?

A prepaid SIM card needs 2 things to work, validity and balance.   Each time you add top-up credit, you will also get additional validity days.  The current rules in Thailand state that you get 30 days of validity after each refill of any amount.

AIS SIM2Fly Validity

An AIS SIM2Fly can stay active as long as you need it, however, you do need to add credit and use it in order to keep it active.   If the SIM has 0 balance and is not used for 60 days, it will expire.  You will know it is expired if it no longer connects to a network.   To keep active for 90 days at a time, choose the 90 Day Validity package from

Tourist SIMs vs Local SIMs

Currently TRUE Move Tourist SIMs can have a maximum validity of 90 days.  It is possible to convert your True Tourist SIM to a local SIM by contacting the call center or dialing *9305 
and choosing a local monthly package.  Tourist SIMs from DTAC and AIS may also be limited to 90 days, and may require conversion to a monthly package.

Check your Validity

To check your date of SIM expiry you can use these USSD codes:

  • AIS –  *121# 
  • DTAC – *101*9# 
  • True – #123# 

Buy More Validity

Keep your sim activeYou can now buy a 90 day validity package online and extend the lifespan of your prepaid Thai SIM. This service will ask for the Thai number which you wish to add validity for, and then sends 5 baht top ups to add the required amount of days.

90 day valid




For 180 and 360 day on non-tourist sims, you top up at our partner’s site:

Keep in mind your maximum validity can only be 1 year.  Check your current expiry date so you know how many days to add.  Note: dates are in the DD/MM/YYYY format.


USSD method to Extend your SIM’s validity

There are also methods for extending your balance by entering a code and deducting from your balance. To extend your validity via USSD codes:

  • AIS
    • Add 10 Baht credit for 30 Days Validity
    • Alternative method: Dial *500*9#  Add 30 days validity for 30 THB via Mao Mao package
  • DTAC  –  Extend your validity for up to 365 days at a cost of 2 Baht per month.
    • Press : *113*30*9#  for 30 days extension.  Cost 2 Baht
    • Press : *113*60*9#  for 60 days extension.  Cost 4 Baht
    • Press : *113*90*9#  for 90 days extension.  Cost 6 Baht
    • Press : *113*180*9#  for 180 days extension.   Cost 12 Baht
    • Conditions: Must activate SIM for at least 90 days or have usage of 200 THB.
  • TrueMove H –  “Quick Add” Extend your validity for up to 365 days at a cost of 2 Baht per month
    • Press : * 934 * 30 # for 30 days extension.  Cost 2 Baht
    • Press : * 934 * 90 #  for 90 days extension.  Cost 6 Baht
    • Press : * 934 * 180 #  for 180 days extension.   Cost 12 Baht


Other Methods

You can use your mobile carrier’s smartphone app to check your balance and validity.

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