What Thai Mobile Network Operators are supported on Mobiletopup.com?

Thailand Carrier Support

We support the following mobile networks in Thailand:

  • Happy DTAC prepaid
  • AIS 12Call and SIM2Fly prepaid
  • True Move prepaid

International Carrier Support

We support over 100 countries. View our international network support.

What we do not support

We do not support post-paid or numbers on contract.  Post-paid numbers are issued a bill each month and that bill can be paid at the network operators shops, 7-Elevens and with credit card agreements.

What is a “prepaid SIM” ?

In the telecom industry, prepaid refers to a type of mobile phone account that requires its owner to purchase call credit before services can be used. For example, a prepaid customer of a carrier might purchase a 500 Baht voucher from a convenience store that they could then fund their account with, allowing them to use 500 Baht worth of voice minutes, SMS, or 3G/4G data. This is in contrast to postpaid customers, which are about 20% of a carriers’ customer base in Thailand.

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