How fast is it to get my credit?

Top up credit sending is a 2 part process

Part 1 – Receiving and verifying your payment.  Once the payment process is fully complete, your order is then sent to the top up function of the application.

Part 2 – The top up request is sent to the network for processing.  This is nearly instant, but then the request can go into a que to be processed.   The average top up time from our server making the request to receipt of your confirmation SMS is 15 seconds.  The process will be longer for international order as there is an additional intermediary.

Our average top up times after we have made a request are:

  • AIS – 13 Seconds
  • DTAC – 20 Seconds
  • True Move – 28 Seconds
  • International – 35 Seconds

If  top up is not received after a normal period, we wait up to 10 minutes to keep trying.   After 10 minutes no more attempts will be made and the order should have a status of “Failed”.

For orders with Successful payment, and Failed top up.



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