How can I transfer my AIS balance?

If you have a balance on your AIS SIM card and would like to transfer it to another number, it’s possible. The per transaction and per month limits are quite low as to prevent abuse.  Here’s how to do it:

AIS 12Call Balance Transfer Service

Balance Transfer credit amounts are 10, 20, 50 or 100 Baht per time and the recipient will only receive credit and not validity days.

Both phone numbers must be prepaid numbers and be active at least 90 days.

The cost is 3 Baht (inclusive of VAT) per transaction.

Transfer methods

1-2-Call users can make a transfer by following

  • IVR – Dial * 140  and follow the steps
  • USSD Code – Dial: * 140 * 1 * 10-digit Receivers Number * Amount # 
  • USSD Code – Dial: * 700 #   – Respond by pressing 2.  Then enter the 10 digit number and then the amount.
  • One-2-Call! eService
  • Any AIS shop

DTAC Happy Balance Transfer Service

Balance Transfer amounts are 20-200 Baht per time and the recipient will only receive credit and not validity days.

  • The fee is 2 Baht per transaction.
  • Transfer limits are twice a day and 400 THB per month.
  • Transferring SIMs must be active for 90 days or have used over 200 Baht of credit.
  • Minimum balance after the transfer is 10 Baht.

Transfer methods

DTAC Happy users can make a transfer by following :

  • IVR – Dial * 1012   and follow the steps
  • USSD Code – Dial: * 112 * 10-digit Receivers Number * Amount(20-200) # 
  • mydtac eService

True Move H Balance Transfer Service

There appears to be a older sim service to transfer up to 50 baht called True Transfer, but seems not to be supported.

  • For now dial 1242  to ask or visit a True Move shop.

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