How can I pay with PromptPay?

Thai QR Payments

Adding Credit with PromptPay

When making a payment for mobile credit, you can select the PromptPay payment option.  You will be redirected to a payment page with a PromptPay payment ID and QR code. PromptPay payments have no fee and are instant. PromptPay transactions can be sent from your Thai bank account via ATM transfer, internet banking and mobile banking applications – but not cash deposits.

Payments via PromptPay
Payments via PromptPay have no cost of processing fee.

Pay via banking app

kbank quick payOpen your banking app, find the QR code scanning feature and scan the QR code on the payment page.  The Payee and Amount will be filled in and you need just authorized the payment.

Known payments apps that support making a PromptPay payment:

  • Kbank Plus
  • SCB App
  • Bangkok Bank App
  • TMB Touch App
  • KrungThai Netbank
  • Krungsri Mobile app
  • True Money wallet
  • Mpay app
  • MyMo by GSB
  • Thanachart Connect


Making the payment

promptly api
PromptPay QR Code

After click the payment button you will be presented with a screen containing the QR code.

Mobile Wallet

If you are paying from a mobile device, simply take a screen shot of this page and open the image in your Thai banking app.

If you are on a PC, open your wallet app on your mobile device to scan the QR code.

Online banking

Log into your online banking and then go to the area of your account where you can make a payment with PromptPay.  Then you will need the PromptPay ID and amount shown on the payment page.


Please check the party you are sending to currently the payee is:

Mobile topup Promptpay ID
Current Payment ID: 0897923808

After payment

After payment our system will be informed of your payment and you will be redirected to a success page.  If for some reason you can not make the payment in the allotted time, you can cancel and try again.

Where can I learn more about PromptPay?

For more details on PromptPay have a look at this blog post explaining the PromptPay system.

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