What are the purchasing limits?

When you open a new account there are some daily, weekly and monthly limits in accordance with normal expected use on how much you can purchase, set in place in order to protect ourself selves from fraud.  After a set period of time, (normally 60 days) and if your account is in good standing, limits will be raised.

Limits using Credit/Debit Card:

  • 1,900 Baht per day
  • 1,000 Baht per transaction
  • 1,900 Baht per week
  • 3,000 Baht Per month
  • 10 transaction attempts per day

Limits using Paypal:

  • Not accepting new Paypal users, unless you get verified. (Requires FB Messenger )
  • Existing users with 3+ order history in Paypal can request account verification.

Need More?

If you are in need of greater amounts, you have 3 or more transactions over the course of at least one month – contact us to raise your limits.  Using a credit card that works with our card processor is the best way to get the amount you want.

Why do you have limits?

paypal-lFraudsters. They steal Paypal account login details and use them to purchase credit and then Paypal reclaims the money leaving us out of pocket. Since we sell a virtual item, Paypal will not offer any Seller protection.

Until we have a better system to detect a stolen account, we’ll need to keep our limits for Paypal low.



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