Can I get a loan when I have no phone credit?

You can get a loan to use your phone with no credit

When your phone is out of credit, don’t worry, there is still an option where the networks will loan you a small amount to make an emergency call.  DTAC, AIS and True Move have a refill service that will advance you airtime credit, in case you have none.  It’s not a free credit program, but rather a loan, that will be taken back on your next topup.   Since the operators do not wish to loose money, they have some conditions related to how long you have been a customer. You need to be a customer for at least 90 days to use any of these services.

DTAC – up to 60 Baht loan

11091100098ab04b3837ae7987The package is called the “Jai Dee Hai Yem Package” for pre-paid Trinet users.

DTAC will lend credit when your airtime has run out and when top up DTAC will deduct automatically on your next topup. You can lend maximum 60 Baht/ time.  There is a 2 Baht fee for using the service, so it’s not a free loan.

So if you have 0 Baht, and you borrow 60 Baht, the next time you topup your credit of say 100 Baht, you would have 38 Baht left after DTAC takes back it’s 60 Baht and 2 Baht fee.

How to apply

There are 3 ways to get the credit:

  • Press *110# 

  • Tel *100     (Follow the steps)

  • Tel *1010#  ( Follow the steps)

Terms /Condition

  1. Sim cards must be activated more than 90 days or have had topups more than 200 Baht

  1. User must have less than 20 Baht credit

  2. Users must have a validity of at least 1 day


True Move – up to 30 Baht loantruemoveh_wifitrupack_8_pack

The True Move “Hai Yem Kar Th package” lets you borrow up to 30 Baht per time.  There is a 2 Baht fee.

How to apply

  • Press *919# 
  • Press *937*1#  – 40 Baht borrowed from your next topup

Terms /Condition

  1. User’s credit less than 5 Baht

  1. Sim card was activated more than 90 days

  2. Need validity at least 1 day


AIS 12Call – up to 30 Baht loan

The program is called the “Borikn Hai Ngoen Program”

and is the most restrictive of the 3 programs.

Check Emergency Refill Balance: *602# 

How to apply

  • Call AIS call center: 1175 

Term / condition

1.    Sim card active more than 6 months

2.    Average credit usage more than 300 Baht/month

3.    No account suspension within last 3 months


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