What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major Credit Cards – Visa, Mastercard, and JCB, Debit Cards, Alipay, Thai Internet Banks, Coins.phCrypto Currency and Paypal (verified accounts only) . Our base currency is Thai Baht, meaning no conversion fee if you use Thai Baht.  You can pay in any currency, and your currency will be converted to Thai Baht at your credit card’s current exchange rate or at Paypal’s rate.

ATM Debit cards

Thai and International ATM cards are supported, however you must first make sure your debit card supports online transactions. Thai Debit cards we know work.  Additionally you will need to sign up for 3D Secure.

What is Verified by Visa / SecureCode by MasterCard / J/Secure by JCB?

These are security features instituted by Visa International, MasterCard International, and JCB International to protect online and mobile purchases. It enhances the existing credit card security protocols with an additional personal password to be used to authenticate a genuine cardholder purchasing online called 2 factor authentication. When a credit cardholder shops online, he/she will be required to enter the password in the same way as entering a PIN at an ATM. That means only the cardholder can use that card.   Learn More about 3D Secure and how to do a test transaction.

Payment Security

We do not save or store any credit card details on our site.  We use a system that creates a access token, that authorizes the charge with the payment processor.  Both Paypal and our Credit Card processor are PCI compliant and your details are stored safely with them.  Payment transactions are handled by Bangkok Bank Thailand thru Omise.

Is your site safe?

Yes. We do not store any credit card information that could be stolen and used to make fraudulent purchases.


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SSL on our site

Our site uses SSL to secure website traffic from our server to your computer.   Check for yourself.

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