What is your fee and how much credit will I get?

Credit Card

For Credit Card and Alipay charges there is a 5% processing fee.

For example: If you select 100 Baht, you will be charged 105 Baht, and receive 100 Baht on to the mobile number you have selected.


If you use Paypal, you pay the Paypal charges, which are 4.4% and  12฿ per transaction.


If you use PromptPay, you pay 0% fee.

I’ve gotten a second charge, what is it?

Our processor ensures a card is working before attempting to charge it. We revert the transaction right away after it has been authorized (max a few seconds). It’s a fix amount of 30 THB. And everyone get it.

Credit Amount Options

Credit amounts vary by country, and operator.   For Thailand, the current amounts of credit you can send:

  • 20 Baht
  • 30 Baht
  • 50 Baht
  • 100 Baht
  • 200 Baht
  • 300 Baht
  • 500 Baht
  • 800 Baht
  • 1000 Baht ( sent as 800 + 200)
  • 90 Day Validity – ( sent as 10 +10 +10)



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