What is the DTAC Tourist Sim?

DTAC Happy Tourist SIM

The most purchased SIM card for tourists who come to Thailand for their vacation, this SIM comes with a Thai phone number you can give to family and friends who want to contact you.  You never get lost in Thailand with free-flow Internet and county wide coverage, as well as free calls on the DTAC network.  You can use your Thai number to register a Line account as well as the taxi and food delivery apps.

This is the third largest Telecom company in the country and with good speeds and country wide coverage.  Only the most adventures travelers would find themselves without service in rural areas.  Speeds are up to 5G where available.

???? NEW: Get the DTAC Tourist SIM online as a digital eSIM. Just scan and go.

You can find these SIM packages at airport sales kiosks:

  • 7-day unlimited Internet(500 MB at max speed)
  • Free call in group
  • Special international call rate via 00400
  • 8-day unlimited Internet(3 GB at max speed)
  • Unlimited calls among Happy Tourist SIM 299 users
  • Special international call rate via 00400
  • 15-day unlimited Internet (Maximum speed of up to 6 GB)
  • Free 100-baht call credit
  • Free 7-day dtac wifi
  • Special international call rate via 00400

Happy Tourist SIM card is able to work with every unlocked GSM phone model.  Moreover customer service English-speaking will be happy to assist you.   Adding more credit for calls or data is easy at any DTAC shop, 7-11 or online at MobileTopup.com

  • You can call the call center via +662-202-8000 
  • Dial to check data and credit  Press *101*1*9 or click //bit.ly/dtourist

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