What information do you get from Facebook?

You are making a financial transaction involving instant delivery,  and so we require authentic identities that give us confidence we are engaging in a legitimate transaction.  By using your real identity through Facebook we can provide you faster and better services by reducing fraud.

What we require from your Facebook profile

We require:

  • Name – To name your account
  • Email – To send confirmations, and communicate
  • Friend Count – To assess if your account is genuine
  • Country – To tailor certain content


Incomplete Facebook Profiles

If you connect a Facebook profile that does not share an email address, has few friends or is recently created, we won’t be able to use your Facebook connection as authentication, and will need you to use another method to authenticate.

Speedy return visits

We will save your connection information to speed up your login the next time you visit MobileTopup.com  You will only need to click login, and you will be connected.  If you no longer wish to be connected, here is information on removing a Facebook App connection.

I’m still not sure if its safe

Here are some articles on the topic, to help with your research.



We won’t post to your wall or anything lame!

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