What are some DTAC Happy FAQs and general information?


What is DTAC Happy

DTAC Happy is a prepaid phone and internet service from DTAC in Thailand.

What are the benefits?

  • SIM is valid up to 1 year after each refill
  • Free Happy prepaid translation service just dial *1021
  • Free receiving incoming calls from all countries
  • Check your balance free 24 hours by dialing *101*9#

How can I topup my DTAC SIM card?

You can topup online at MobileTopup.com

What is Happy prepaid?

Happy is a prepaid service using GSM 1800 Mhz frequency. Happy prepaid brand is the part of DTAC’s company.
DTAC is the second largest mobile phone provider in Thailand. It is largely owned by Telenor group.

What is the Coverage Area?

DTAC service covers all provinces and districts nationwide in Thailand

How to activate my prepaid sim?

Your sim will be automatically activated when you insert this sim into your mobile phone in Thailand.
You will get a confirmation SMS (text message) within a few minutes.

Sim Details

– Happy has various kinds of price plans. However, in order to suit your lifestyle, we would like to introduce the “Simple” Happy prepaid sim
because of its easy to understand price plan and very long validity date.
– This sim comes with free 15 baht (~USD 0.44) calling balance and 30 days of validity date.

Price plan details
– Every call made to any network providers within Thailand costs 2 baht/min (~USD 0.06) 24 hours.

How to refill or top up my Happy prepaid balance?
Happy prepaid scratch or refill card is easy to buy at any 7eleven shops or any convenient stores or online at ThaiPrepaidCard.com.
Refill card value ranges from 50 to 500 baht.

– When you have the prepaid scratch or refill card, enter
*100* Card serial no Card ID No * 9 # (no space in between, then dial)

* After you have refilled your prepaid balance, you will receive the confirmation SMS of
your new balance on your mobile screen.

Validity date

Your validity date will extend 30 days after each topup.

How to check my remaining balance and validity date?

To view your remaining current balance:
Dial *101*9# (free of charge)
After dial, your prepaid remaining balance in English will be shown on your screen.

How to tell my friends to call my Happy prepaid sim?
Thailand’s mobile phone number format is 08x-xxx-xxxx (10 digits). Ex. If your mobile phone number is 081-234-5678,
you can tell your friends (abroad) to call you by dialing: +66812345678 (apply to all countries)

How to make international calls?
You can simply dial as followed:
004 -> Country code -> Area Code -> Phone number -> Call

SMS (Short text message)
You can enjoy cheap SMS price in and out of Thailand as followed:
– Sending SMS within Thailand is
: 3 baht (~USD 0.09)/message/number
– Sending SMS outside Thailand is
: 5 baht (~USD 0.14)/message/number

Happy web services

Happy web service makes managing your happy account easy and can be done from any PC.
You can check your current call charge, refill using call-credit refill card, send 50 online SMS per month for free and much more.

Happy translation service

No more lost-in-translation during your stay in Thailand with Happy translation service.
Just dial *1021 when you’re stuck and Happy translation service staffs can help you translate Thai to English
and English to Thai for you (price per minute depends on your price plan; no additional charge).

How can i reach the customer contact center?

You can contact happy prepaid call center by dialing 1678, press 7 for English (3 baht per call within Thailand)
or you can have an online chat with dtac call center staffs (English support).

DTAC Trinet 3G Happy Internet

Get the most out of your SIM card with our Happy internet packages.  Choose the package that best suits your personal needs.

Users can apply for a Happy internet package through the following channels:

  • Via IVR *1004 – press 1 (free of charge)
  • Via dtac Call Center – Dial 1678 press 7 (3 Baht/call)

To check your remaining balance of your Happy internet package:

  • Dial *101*4*9# and we’ll send an SMS with your package details to you (free of charge)
  • Access your package details via our free Web Service

If you have applied to more than one package or are already using a Happy internet refill card, the deduction of your Happy internet credit will be prioritized as follows:

  • Daily Happy internet packages
  • Free Happy internet packages
  • Monthly/Hourly Happy internet packages (prioritizing on whichever package(s) will expire first)
  • Happy internet Refill Cards

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