How do I check if my SIM card is registered?

UPDATE 28/08/15: AIS 12Call is now blocking the ability for unregistered number to receive topup credit.


According to the NBTC as of July 31, 2015 all Thai SIM cards now need to be registered.  You can register your SIM card at any Big C, Tesco Lotus, 7-Eleven or Telecom shop. You should bring SIM card, mobile phone and ID card or Passport.  A customer is allowed to register as many SIM cards as they want. You must be over the age of 7.

To check if your SIM card is registered dial this USSD code:


( Works with all networks )

How about the safety of my identity?

According to NBTC: “Rest assured that it is absolutely safe because the 2 Shots NBTC-developed application does not store any photos on smartphone; instead, it submits data directly to both NBTC and mobile phone network operators. Those who can get access to this application must be distributors who have been certified by mobile phone network operators only. To make the access safer, distributors need to have username and password in order to access the application.”


What if I can not register the SIM card by myself?

According to NBTC: “Customers can authorize other people to do the registration for themselves at every branch of at Telecom center.  Documents and evidences needed for registration include the following:

1) Power of Attorney

2) ID card or other identified official cards of the number owner

3) ID card of attorney and

4) Mobile phone and SIM card of the number owner.”


What if I do not register?

This is not yet been confirmed, but NBTC has the right to cancel your number.

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