How can I make cheap International Calls?

Calling international from a Thai Mobile can be more expensive than some of the other available options.  Standard rates can be around 15 Baht per minute.  Using dialing codes can reduce your rate as your call is routed over alternative networks.

What is a dialing code?

A dialing code is entered in front of the number you wish to dial.   So instead of just calling a number you first enter the prefix in front of the number you wish to call.  It might look something like this:

Make international calls with dialing codes

All three network offer a cheaper calling option, with some rates starting at 3 Baht per minute.

Example Usage

To dial the following number in the UK, 0141 123 4567, I would dial the relevant prefix for my network provider followed by the UK dialing code (44) followed by the number dropping the first 0.

Using DTAC Happy 004
004 44 181 123 4567

Using True Move 00600
00600 44 181 123 4567


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