How do I add more high speed data on my current plan?

If you’re using a Smartphone in Thailand, you should have a Data Plan. You should have singed up for a 3G / 4G data plan that gives a fixed amount of high speed data every month.  When going over that amount of fair use data, you get stuck at slower speeds of between 384 kbps at the high end and 64kbps at the slow end.  For photo viewing and YouTube, these speeds are mostly unusable.   Rather than switch to a whole new package, or just wait till your package renew’s you can use an on top or add on package.   An add on package is used as a one time supplement to your current package and great for when you used more data than normal in a month.

How to get more data

To get additional high speed data, make sure you have enough credit to cover the fee + the vat 7%.  A 150 Baht package is really 161Baht.  Use a free USSD code to check your balance first.  Then all you need to do, is dial the matching USSD code you see below to sign up.  You’ll get a message when the package is activated, and your credit will be deducted.  You can decide on how much you need to get you to the next billing cycle.

DTAC On Top Package

100 MB for 1 day (1Mbps)15Bahtpress: *104*873*5720283*9#
1.5 GB for 7 days (512 kbps)79Bahtpress: *104*857*5720283*9#
1 GB for 30 days150Bahtpress: *104*50*5720283*9#

AIS and 12Call On Top Package

100 MB for 1 day9 Bahtpress: *777*70*316358#
400 MB for 7 days59Bahtpress: *777*73*316358#
1 GB for 7 days99Bahtpress: *777*746*316358#
2 GB for 30 days239Bahtpress: *777*75*316358#
Unlimited for 24 hours199Bahtpress: *777*751*316358#
4 GB for 30 days799Bahtpress: *777*76*316358#

True Move On Top Package

100 Mb for 1 Day9 Bahtpress: *900*3301*17406627#
320 Mb for 1 Day49Bahtpress: *900*3302*17406627#
500 Mb for 7 Days59Bahtpress: *900*8923*17406627#
1GB for 7 Days79Bahtpress: *900*8924*17406627#
1GB for 15 Days99Bahtpress: *900*8925*17406627#
1GB for 30 Days150Bahtpress: *900*8926*17406627#

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