What if my payment has failed?

Our Credit Card payment processor is Thailand based, PCI compliment gateway called Omise.  Omise routes payments thru Thailand’s largest bank – Bangkok Bank.  All our payments require 3D Secure support.

We are aware that Bangkok Bank routinely fails payments that should succeed

If your payment has failed, here are the know problems we have seen:

  • Bangkok Bank may accept a payment after the 4th or 5th try.
  • 3DS is set to “fail” by the cards issuing bank.  This means the bank has chosen not to support 3D Secure for your card.
  • The owners card is not set up for online usage. You may have to manually enable. Can you use your Thai bank card?
  • The card is required to use 3DS, but not yet enrolled.

We have set up a test payment link, where you can test your credit or debit card with a small amount to see if it works.


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