What if I do not get my topup credit after I’ve paid?

What if you have not gotten your credit, but payment is successful

In the case your payment is complete and you have not yet received your credit and we are showing a successful or pending transaction, please do the following:

  1. Double check the mobile number you entered is correct. Did you make your request to the correct number?  If not, read our policy on wrong numbers.
  2. Check we guessed the right network – if we didn’t manually change the network operator and try again.
  3. Check your number is registered with your passport or ID number.
  4. Check that your number is prepaid, not post-paid.
  5. Check that your number is active and not expired.
  6. Check your balance is not over 4000 Baht.
  7. Check if your mobile balance has changed. You may not have received the payment SMS confirmation, but you may have gotten the credit.
  8. Check the Network’s online platform for your balance history.
  9. Contact the network operator call center, and ask them if you received the credit.  They will be able to tell you the date and time of your credit topups.

I have read the steps above, and none apply to me

If you have not received the credit, and we have charged your card and the transaction is showing success and your payment has not been refunded, let us know.

I have read the steps above, and one of the steps applies to me

We regularly refund failed orders, so if your credit does not go thru, we will process a refund.  You will see a “REFUNDED” status in your account when this has been done.

I have read the steps above, and turns out I got the credit

Glad we could help!

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