How do I use recurring top up?

Update:  Recurrent Billing is currently not running.

Due to a change with our CC processor, we can no longer save billing information for automated billing.

Recurring top up allows you set an amount and a date on which that amount is sent to your phone each month. This is very useful if you would like to keep your pre-paid sim active.

Mobile Topup Recurrent Billing Setup

For example:

recurrent mobile topup

With recurring topup, you can choose:

  • one of the fixed payment amounts
  • the phone number it will go to
  • the date it will be sent



To use reoccurring billing you must:

  • Have an account
  • Have a stored credit card
  • Have completed a topup of the card you wish to refill every month

Saving a Credit Card

We can only provide this option when you allow us to save your credit card on file.  This is secure as we don’t save your actual card information, only a token to access it from our payment provider.   With your card on file, our system will automatically deduct the credit on the date you specify.

Who is this for?

If you are on a fixed amount data plan such as a 699 Baht plan, which after tax costs 747.93, you may want to consider a monthly automatic top up of 800 Baht.   This would cover the cost of your data plan each month and give you an additional credit of 52.07 Baht for use in calling or SMS.

Fixed amount data plans are deducted on the same day each month, and you schedule your automatic top up for the same date, you will always have enough mobile credit to pay for your data package.

Cancel your recurring topup

If you no longer need automatic topup, you can login to your account, go to the recurring section and click the cancel box to terminate the monthly billing agreement.

Doe is work with Paypal?

At the moment, recurring billing only works with saved credit cards.

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