How can I refund DTAC Happy credit for Paypal?

dtac credit exchangeUpdate: Now can send from 4G Trinet SIMs.

If you have excess DTAC credit that you can’t use, here’s how to send it to your Paypal account.

If you are leaving Thailand or switching out your SIM card and still have a balance on your prepaid DTAC Happy sim, you can use our balance transfer service to send remaining Thai Baht credit to your PayPal account.   The fee to refund your balance with this service is 15 Baht per transaction.  The transaction size is 100 or 200 Baht per send and you can send 400 Baht in one month. You can make 2 transactions per day.


Your SIM must be active for at least 90 Days. You must first transfer funds, and then notify us to receive your Baht via Paypal. Minimum balance after the transfer is 10 Baht. Must have put at least 200 Baht on the SIM in total.

Step 1

Send credit to our DTAC (old system) number by dialing one of these USSD number codes:

You can repeat sending 2 times or you have sent a maximum of 400 Baht.  When you are finished sending, and have received a confirmation SMS(s), go to Step 2.

Step 2


Need Help?

The best place to get assistance is via Line Messenger.

You can exchange 12Call credit here.

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