Where can I top up credit and data for SIM2Fly SIM?

Reloading an AIS SIM2Fly sim data roaming sim can be done online at MobileTopup.com.  The SIM2Fly SIM from Thailand’s AIS was designed for use outside of Thailand and with competitive rates, it’s no longer just for Thai customers traveling abroad. Currently the SIM2Fly enjoys some of the best  roaming rates for anyone traveling in asia and the worldwide.

The AIS SIM2Fly sim comes with a base package, and after this package is finished, you can keep using the sim, adding additional data packages.

How to use SIM2Fly

Preparing before taking off

  1. Check to see if your sim card is already registered
    • Check registration status of your SIM card ,dial *161# if sim didn’t registered bring sim and your personal identification or passport to AIS shop for register your sim.
  2.  Set up your device
    • Use your current SIM card for SIM2Fly to turn on the Data Roaming. (if sim is activated you have to use the sim in abroad within 60 days)
  3. Check call rates and on top data roaming pacakges.
    • if you need to make and/or receive calls while traveling,it is recommended that you top-up your prior to your trip for using voice & text buy more on-top package.

Adding Credit to SIM2Fly

As the SIM2Fly is a prepaid sim, you can top up up your SIM2Fly sim while abroad at MobileToup.com.

Adding a new SIM2Fly data package

Once you have a SIM2Fly, and you use up your initial package, you can easily sign up for another package on your next trip. You can add multiple packages in a row and can activate your package while outside Thailand.  You can add up to 1 year of validity and keep the SIM long term.

To check your remaining data balance dial:


To check your SIM registration dial:


Asia & Australia Package: 

*111*356# or *111*501# – 119 Baht – 1GB good for 2 days

*111*354# or  *111*500# – 299 Baht – 4GB good for 8 days

Europe USA & Global Package:

*111*359# or *111*503# – 299 Baht – 1GB good for 3 days

*111*358# or *111*502# – 799 Baht – 4GB good for 15 days

*111*407# or *111*504# – 2,699 Baht – 15GB good for 365 days

Border Country Package: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar

*111*407#  – 99 Baht – 2GB good for 3 days

To check your credit dial:


Note: The there are now 2 variations of the SIM2Fly sims being sold, the local and international versions.  Use codes in this color for international SIM2Fly version.  

More USSD Codes

Where can the SIM2Fly be used?

There are 2 packages of the SIM2Fly – an Asian version and a Global version.  Depending on which country you visit first, you’ll need the correct SIM. After the first visit, additional packages can be added and an Asian SIM can be used worldwide and a Worldwide SIM can be used in Asia.  Both SIMs can be reloaded. and the above data package subscribed.

The Asian SIM covers:

1. Japan
2. South Korea
3. Singapore
4. Malaysia
5. Hong Kong
6. Laos
7. India
8. Taiwan
9. Macao
10. Philippines
11. Cambodia
12. Myanmar
13. Australia
14. Nepal
15. Indonesia
16. Qatar
17. Sri Lanka
18. China
19. Vietnam

Thailand is also covered, but not under the standard packages. Newer SIM2Fly packages will give 500 MB in Thailand.

The Europe & US SIM covers:

1. Vietnam
2. Latvia
3. Lithuania
4. Sri Lanka
5. Croatia
6. Colombia
7. Serbia
8. Denmark
9. Bulgaria
10. Macedonia
11. Mexico
12. Liechtenstein
13. Slovenia
14. Argentina
15. Israel
16. Estonia
17. Greece
18. Cambodia
19. Qatar
20. South Korea
21. Canada
22. San Marino
23. Japan
24. Turkey
25. Taiwan
26. Norway
27. New Zealand
28. Netherlands
29. Nepal
30. Belgium
31. Puerto Rico
32. Poland
33. Portugal
34. France
35. Myanmar
36. Finland
37. Philippines
38. Macau
39. Malaysia
40. Germany
41. Russia
42. Laos
43. Vatican City
44. Wales
45. Scotland
46. Spain
47. Svalbard and Jan Mayen
48. Switzerland
49. Sweden
50. United State of America (Include Hawaii)
51. Czech Republic
52. Singapore
53. United States Virgin Islands
54. Åland Islands
55. Australia
56. Austria
57. England
58. Italy
59. India
60. Indonesia
61. South Africa
62. Oman
63. Ireland
64. North Ireland
65. Hong Kong
66. Hungary
67. Kuwait NEW!
68. Pakistan NEW!
69. Egypt NEW!
70. Iceland NEW!
71. China NEW!
72. Brunei NEW!

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